I was once the hand of the king. Do you think you have what it takes to please me?

Imma send a chapter to this pussy poppin legacy Shawna be that Bitch cant no bitches come fuck wit me When I pop that cris im on that business and bubbly When im in that 6 wit 20s spinin on luxury Cuz I got that head game Fuckin up that bed frame But don’t get me wrong now shawty gon’ let that led hang Better learn that game shawty Better get yo’ man shawty Foe he endup tamed and be gone all in the brain shawty

Head down pussy poppin on a handstand

actuallyarcadegannon-deactivate whispered, "more half naked ned pics pleeease"

Ah yes, I do have one photograph you may be particularly interested in. This is me and my dearest brother, Benjen. We took many photos of each other like this back during his stay in Winterfell. *chuckles to myself* I do miss him dearly.

hodorandahalf-deactivated201208 whispered, "Hodor??"

Well greetings Hodor! I do assume you’ve been taking good care of Bran? Of course you have. Might I suggest that you bone the Osha Wildling lady? She is a beautiful creature. One whom you must ride like the stallion who will mount the world! 

*rubs his temple and sighs* I do apologize for my absence, once again, friend of friends. I had met a lovely ghost whore by the name of Shanaynay and she has indeed been keeping me occupied with her clunge. *chuckles* I have been missed, yes? 

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Anonymous whispered, "Fool's blood, king's blood, blood on the maiden's thigh.... *dances around*"

*chuckles* So I take it you have not had sex then? Well it seems the young Shireen Baratheon is quite fond of you. Perhaps she fancies you even! 

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Anonymous whispered, "Unfortunately, I am still among the living, but if we were able to, I would love to have sex with you."

Ah such is an unfortunate tale you tell me. Well if you ever find yourself among the dead in the shadow land…you know where to find me.

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Anonymous whispered, "Looking sexy today. ;)"

I thank you friend! Would you be interested in having sex?

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Anonymous whispered, "The shadows come to play, my lord, play my lord, play my lord. The shadows come to stay, my lord, stay my lord, stay my lord..."

Ah Patchface! Hello dear friend. I see you are doing well on this lovely day. *clasps the fool on his shoulder* Tell me, have you yet to experience the glorious wonders of sexual intercourse? If not, I find that I have always been helpful with giving advice. 

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Perhaps one would like to leave me a few messages? The afterlife is such a bore. THE SEXIER MESSAGES THE BETTER! 

It seems that my absence has been noticed. Ah, fear not little ones. I am back. I had found a beautiful brothel filled with ghost whores so I have indeed been keeping myself busy. 

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theshewolfofwinterfell-deactiva whispered, "What the fuck I say, what the fuck."

Yes, daughter. Fuck is good. We like to fuck. But not with family members because we are not Lannisters. *laughs at his own little pun*